You are looking at the digital home of one of the major projects of the course WGS 385: Anthropocene Ethics, taught by Dr. Sumita Chakraborty in the Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Emory University in Spring 2019. Each member of the course invented an "alter-cene," to borrow Kathryn Yusoff's word: a term (like Anthropocene, Plantationocene, Capitalocene, Cthulhucene, etc.) with which to describe the epoch. They were also asked to create an artistic representation of their term in any medium (written art, visual art, mixed media, etc.). This is the compilation of all of their work. 

To navigate this page, use the menu to see all of the options and their authors, and click on each item to see more detail regarding each piece. On each page, you'll find the artistic depiction in full, as well as an excerpt of the accompanying reflection that each person wrote to explicate their term.

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